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 specialists in confidential medical practice transcription

specialists in confidential medical practice transcription


We convert your emailed digital voice file into a Word document. When completed, audio transcripts are emailed back securely.


If it's more convenient we can use your templates to quickly, accurately and efficiently transcribe your practice correspondence and reports.


You have the assurance of dealing with highly qualified and experienced transcribers. Experience includes orthopaedic, ophthalmology, psychiatry, cardiology, radiology, gynaecology and other major medical disciplines, as well as specialising in WorkCover and medicolegal reports.


Recording time

We can transcribe any length of time from minutes to 3+ hours.



Final proofreading is the responsibility of the client. All errors will be happily corrected free of charge if brought to our attention within a reasonable time.



  • Supersaver rate of $2.80* (per recorded minute for text)

  • Standard Flat rate of $35.00* per hour

  • Premium rate for URGENT reports of $50.00* per hour

*conditions apply


Did you know?

There is a big difference between the audio hour and transcription hour. A digital recording can take somewhere between 3-6 hours per hour of audio to transcribe. This is because there are many variables involved: speed of speech, accents, background noise, terminologies used, bad speech, clear diction, no background noise.


Quality, clarity, number of people speaking and speed of speech will affect how long it takes to transcribe a recording. Other things that can add to the length of time to type the recording are: accents, terminologies, how close the microphone was, background noises e.g. traffic, quality recording etc.


Our service commitment

Accurate confidential transcription of digital dictation for your practice correspondence.


STELLARtype adheres to the Australian National Privacy Principles. read more.

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